Top Ten Most Beautiful Pakistani Actresses

Pakistan is a Country which is full of colors. Here Natural beauty is the most talking points. The Asian beauty has its own colors & attractions & in this regard Pakistani women have an extra stunning beauty that impresses everyone. In Pakistan, Television is the main source of Entertainment & its Dramas are very popular in all over the World.

tv actresses

That’s why there are lots of beautiful faces in Pakistan’s television Industry especially female actresses. They are the True ambassadors of Pakistan & have brighten the Name of Pakistan in all over the World. There is a huge list of these Beauty Queens but we have created a list of Top ten most beautiful Pakistani actresses in 2015.

1-Mahnoor Baloch

The Sizzling beauty Mahnoor Baloch comes at the top Position in our Countdown who is also the richest women actress in Pakistan. Basically she is an American born Pakistani Lady. She is a versatile personality with lots of qualities. Her TV Career was started in 1993 with a Blockbuster Drama Serail “Marvi”. She has done amazingly well as an actress in the past. If we talk about her modeling then she proved herself in various commercials. Similarly she has produced many blockbuster drama serials as a director. Now she is the highest paid actress in Pakistan’s television industry. She has got a cute face & the Glamorous look is an extra addition in her beauty. Her smile is really heart touching. She has got a lovely voice & the way when she talks is simply admirable. She has been awarded for the number of times in her career.

beautiful actress

2-Sanam Baloch

The actress & the Television host, Sanam Baloch is one of the highly paid actress in Pakistan’s media Industry. She started her career with the KTN channel. If we talk about her beauty then no one is comparable with Sanam Baloch. She is the complete blend of the Eastern & the Western beauty. She has got a lovely face with beautiful dimples. The versatile Sanam Baloch has received lots of fame from the viewers in the very short period of time. She has been nominated & awarded for the number of times. In 2010 she was nominated for the Best actress award (Satellite) for the Drama serial “Noor pur ki Rani”, Smilarly in 2011 Pakistan Media Awards she won the Best actor female award for Drama Serial “Dastaan”. In the Drama serial “Kankar”, she has given an outstanding Performance that proved how talented she is.

sanam baloch

3-Mahira Khan

If we talk about the Natural beauty then there is none other than Mahira Khan. She is the complete picture of the natural beauty. Her Smile is Magical & the way of talking is really heart touching. She is also a versatile personality. She is a glamorous model & a very bold actress. In 2012 she was declared as the most beautiful lady in Pakistan. At the age of 16 years she started her career as a VJ & in 2011 she started her TV Career with the social drama “Bol”. She has given some Blockbuster Drama serials in her Career like “Humsafar”, Neeyat & some others. She was nominated for the Best actress award in the Style Lux Award. Due to the numerous talents & the stunning beauty she has made her 3rd Top position in our Countdown.

tv actress

4-Aiza khan

The Pakistani Actress & the Model, Aiza khan comes at Number 4 in our list. The versatile Aiza Khan got a cute face & the glamorous look. In the very young age of 16 she started her career with modeling & fitted well in this field. After a successful experience of modeling she decided to come in acting where she is doing an amazingly well. She has blessed with a natural beauty & tall height is an extra addition in her beauty. The highly paid Aiza Khan is now considered as one of the leading actress in Pakistan’s Television Industry. She has worked in many Super Hit Drama Serials & appreciated by the viewers.

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5-Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is very popular among her lovers & fans not because of the stunning beauty that she has but due to her outstanding acting skills. Her cute face & the beautiful smile are really incomparable. Her eyes are romantic & killing. In her career she has worked in many Drama Serials that liked by her fans. In the Film “Waar” which was released in October 2013, she has performed amazingly well. In the Drama Serial “Mehndi”, which was on aired on PTV she got lots of fame & Recognition from the viewers.

ayesha khan

6-Mehwish Hayat

The beauty Queen, Mehwish Hayat is consistently maintaining the Top Position on the Television Industry of Pakistan. She has been declared as the sexiest Asian women for many Times in UK Eastern eye Magazine. In 2008 she was ranked at the 9th position in the list of sexiest Asian women & in 2010 she was voted as the 8th sexiest Asian women. Basically she started her career with the Modeling & then switched herself in Acting. The interested thing about her is that she is a lovely singer as well. Due to her versatility she has the ability to fit herself in any role. That’s why she is the perfect & the highly paid actress in Pakistan’s Television Industry.

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7-Syra Yousuf

The Glamorous & the cute face, Syra Yousuf is now the leading actress in the Pakistan’s Television Industry. She is so pretty & her smile is heart touching. In very recently she has won the Best Smile Award in the Veet Awards. She is best actress, VJ & Model. Due to her Glamorous Look & lovely Smile, she is loved by her fans. In Her career she has worked in many Super Hit Drama Serials & grabbed all the success & fame from the viewers. Definitely she is the Future of Pakistan.

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8-Arij Fatyma

The American born Pakistani beauty Queen, Arij Fatyma is a multitalented star of Pakistan Television. She got a cute face & the impressive figures. She is really a killing beauty. Arij started her career with modeling & worked in many projects. After achieving lots of reputation she introduced herself in the World of acting where in the very small period of time, she proved her talent & versatility & made her position as one of the leading actress in Pakistan’s Television Industry. She has performed in almost every type of Character wither it is bold or Comedy. Due to her unmatched acting skills, she has climbed the ladders of Success very quickly as compared to other celebrities.

arij fatima

9-Sana Javed

There are lots of shining stars in Pakistan’s Television Industry but the cutest face is the face of Sana Javed. She is a young promising star in the Media Industry of Pakistan. There is no doubt in her versatility because she has proved it for the number of times in her career. Although she is a new face in the Drama Industry but as an actress she has worked in many unforgettable roles in her short career like “Meenu ka susral, Mera Pehla Pyar” & many more like this. She is a complete model & considered the success of the products when she works in any commercial. Due to her stunning beauty & impressive talking style she has made herself as the demanding actress in Pakistan.

sana javed

10-Ainy Jaffri

The best female model award winner, Ainy Jaffri comes at number 10 in our countdown. She is a lovely actress & glamorous personality. She has impressed everyone with her magical acting skills. The early career of Ainy Jaffri was quite average but she continued to perform with hardworking & honesty. Then the time came when her struggle rewarded & now she is a reputed name in Pakistan’s Television Industry. She was deeply recognized in drama serial “Meri Behen Maya”. In this Super Hit Drama serial she performed the Character of “Maya” & this caused lots of fame & appreciation for her.

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