Top Ten Best Perfumes for Women in 2017

Everyone in this World wants to smell well, breath well, & live better. If we talk about the Fashion then definitely women seems to be in front from the men. It’s a natural thing because women are very soft in Nature & wants to look beautiful so that in this way they can get lots of attraction & care from the male.perfumes

From the variety of Fashionable things Perfumes keeps great Importance especially in Spring & Summer Seasons. There are lots of fragrances available in the Market but to select the choice is always is a tough task. Here we have generated a list of Top Ten Best perfumes for Women in 2014. This list has been created according to the ratings & the usage of the fragrances.

1-Gucci by Gucci

The Gucci Brand is The Number one Brand in the World. It is not only being used by the celebrities but the common women really like it. There are lots of reasons why Gucci is the number one in 2014. First Reason is that it is rich in smell. Secondly it is made with Tahitian Tiare Flower. It also included some other important ingredients like Pear etc. Another thing which makes it number one is the Packing & the attractive classy design. The Gucci Fragrance for Women is very suitable for special occasions & especially on evenings.

gucci by gucci

2-Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a lovely & fascinating Fragrance & is very famous in all over the World because it is marketed in almost every websites. That’s why the women are very much familiar with this fragrance. It’s designing & packing is very classic & attractive. The bottle looks that there is some collection of petals of the flower. Its unique fragrance is the Combination of violet leaves, Red Grape Fruit & wild strawberry. Its powerful & rich smell makes it a demanding perfume in 2014. You can use this fragrance in any occasion & with any outfit.

marc jacobs daisy

3-Euphoria Crystalline

Euphoria comes at number three in our Countdown. This Fragrance was launched for the first time in 2005 by Calvin Klien. Now this women Perfume is very popular across the World. One can easily get it from the Superstores & outlets. This fragrance is available in many designs & in new packaging which is really impressive. The Fragrance is made with Pomegranate & many other natural ingredients like Black Orchid, Black violet & amber.


4-Tommy Girls from Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Girl is a renowned name in the Households as it contains a lovely fresh smell. The women especially love it. Its outer cover with pink color adds an extra charm to this fragrance. The Unique smell of the Tommy Girl fragrance impresses everyone especially men. That’s why it is a gift for women to use it on evenings, special occasions & parties.

tommy girl perfume

5-Opium Perfume

The Next name in our list is Opium Perfume by Yves Saint Luarent. This special Fragrance is the new form of the old time. Due to its special features it is now the most selling Perfume across the World. The Special ingredients included in it in order to make it more demanding like Jasmine, Amber, Lily of the Valley & some others. The main reason of its popularity is that natural components have been used in it that gives fresh smell & sparking look.

opium perfume

6-Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere

The heart Favorite Fragrance in The World is Channel No. 5. Many women in the World like it as it has classic features. Its fresh smell gives relax feelings & it is very suitable Fragrance when you decide to go on a long journey. You can imagine its popularity that since 1921 this fragrance has been liked by the women & now is available as one of the best perfumes ever in the markets. It is a lovely combination of Jasmine & Rose. If someone wants a fragrance for the evenings then Channel No. 5 is a best choice for this.

best perfume for women

7-Prada Infusion

Prada is very Famous Brand in World of Fashion. It is a best choice for the people who want to look fresh during their works. The Prada d’Iris is made up with the natural components such as Orange blossom & Mandarin is the plus point to make it so fresh & beautiful. This light Fragrance has been liked by many people in the word today. With all the qualities its price doesn’t matter to buy it.

prada infusion

8-Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker

If anyone wants to get a fragrance of high quality at an affordable price then there is no second choice except Lovely from Sarah Jessica parker. It has a light smell with lots of freshness. The natural Ingredients have been added in it. It’s designing & Packaging is up to the mark. Lovely is the highly demanding perfume in the all over the World today.


9-Diesel Fuel for Life

Diesel Fuel for Life is highly ranked perfume available in the markets today. The Women who wants a weekend full of joy use it. This fragrance is natural & vibrant from the others. Diesel Fuel for life gives you a feel of jasmine & there is also some addition of Black Currant in it. Surely this fragrance is the heart favorite for many women in the World.

diesel fuel for life

10-Valentino Rock’n Rose Couture

Due to the highly acceptance by the Women, the Rock’n Rose Fragrance now comes in the list of top ten best perfumes for women in 2014. This Fragrance is very suitable for those women who want some change. The natural ingredients have been used in its composition but some musk is also included in it which gives some naughty feelings.

best perfume 2014

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