Top Ten Most Cleanest Cities in the World 2015

The World is so beautiful with lots of amazement & Hustle & bustle. The beauty keeps in it a serious attraction. Everyone loves beauty.  Without beauty this universe is colorless. It’s a dream of every person to live life on a very beautiful place which is free of pollution & noise & if beautiful place is very clean then that place is really a heaven on earth.cleanest places in the world

With the Rapid Improvement in the Information & Technology we have all the Facilities to live a better life but the other picture of this advancement is not quite Satisfactory. In the present times the problem of cleanliness is becoming very serious in almost every country of the World. There are many reasons behind this. One major issue is the rapidly increasing Population which is the main hindrance to keep the cities clean. The pollution whatever in the form is causing serious diseases to most of the People in the Globe of the World. But with proper management this problem can be minimized. Here we have created a list of Top Ten Cleanest cities in the World. This List has been created very carefully by using the data from the reliable sources & the opinion of the visitors who visited to these countries across the World.

1-Ifrane in Morocco

Ifrane is considered as the Cleanest City in the World 2014. The main thing to talk about is that there is nothing any source in its surrounding to pollute the air or Water as there is not a single Industry located in this Lovely city. This is the lovely Spot for the Tourists especially to spend the summer season. Due to its cool atmosphere one can enjoy the whole summer time in Ifrane. Here the temperature remains very low & recorded as minus 24 degree. The National Park is the most visiting place of this city. If we check the top three things which are very important to live a healthier life then these are always hundred percent such as Air Quality, Drinking water & the Quality of Life.


2-Calgary in Canada

The next city in our list is Calgary in Canada. This is also one of the cleanest cities of the World with the unique style. Here the atmosphere is very clean & healthy to live in. Here Air & water is very fresh because due to the powerful water purifying system, everyday approximately one trillion of water purifies each day. Things recycled here & are used in many other useful purposes. Here Quality of Air is estimated as 88.3 % & 95% water is pure. Similarly 87.5% is the Quality of Life of Calgary. These all qualities combine together made this city as the 2nd cleanest city in the World.

calgary in canada

3-Honolulu in Hawaii

The Honolulu is one of the most attractive spot for the Tourists in the World. It is very cool & calm place with full of fresh air & pure water. Here wind blows very fast & Rainfalls on consistent basis that’s makes it clean & fresh.  Here the People are very beauty conscious & they love the natural things. The government & the People are really Appreciable to make the city neat & clean. If we statistically check its cleanliness then the Stats are as Follows: Air Quality 89.3%, Drinking Water 100% Pure & Life Quality is 87.25%. These magical figures really made this city as the 3rd cleanest city in the World.

honolulu in hawaii

4-Bern in Switzerland

The Bern comes at number 4 in our Countdown. The lovely city Bern is the Capital of Switzerland. According to the ratings of 2014 it is considered as one of the cleanest city in the World. The People of Bern are very conscious about the Environment & remains busy in introducing new healthy programs to keep the atmosphere fresh. Here Chocolates produces in huge range & dairy products are also very famous across the Globe of the World. Here 81.5% is the Quality of air, 100 % is the availability of the pure water & 83.5% is the Quality of life.


5-Helsinki in Finland

Helsinki is one of the most important cities of the Northern European countries & is the Capital of Finland. This is a lovely city with full of ingredients that matters in human life. There are all the facilities available in this city like quality education & much more. Due to its clean & fresh Atmosphere it is also the Tourist’s Attraction. Overall Helsinki is the perfect place with 87.5% quality of Air, 91% pure water & 85.6% Quality of Life.


6-Melbourne in Australia

Melbourne the Capital of Australia is one of the cleanest & most livable city in the Globe of the World. It is also very popular for the Tourists because of the natural beauty & clean fresh atmosphere. Besides that Melbourne is the business center. It is famous due to the Exceptional education, Entertainment & Health Care in all over the World. Here the Employment rate is outstanding. This cleanest city is really deserved to be placed in the list of Top Ten cleanest cities in the World.

melbourne in australia

7-Freiburg Im Breisgau (Germany)

The Freiburg Included in the List of Top Ten Cleanest Cities in the World in 2014. Its Environment is very pleasing & free from the Carbon Ejection. It has a greenish environment which attracts the Tourists across the World. Freiburg has outstanding figures which make it as on of the healthy & attractive tourist spot in the World such as 100% Quality of Life, 87.5% quality of air & 50% availability of pure water.


8-Oslo in Norway

Oslo comes at every best top list across the World. This Lovely city is well renowned for its Economy. It is one of the populated cities in Norway & considers as one of the highly castly living city in the World. Here the Environment is very fresh & healthier that makes this city Cleanest & hygienic for living. There are also very natural places & lovely sea points which adds an extra beauty to this city.

oslo in norway


Singapore is one of the very famous cities in the World. Singapore is very safe & secure city with the fresh & hygienic environment. The Lion Statue present here is the Symbol of the pride of the People of Singapore. You can imagine the cleanliness of the city that spitting on roads or in public places is considered as the crime. This city provides quality education & hygienic environment to live in.


10-Curitiba in Brazil

The last but not the Least City in our Countdown is Curitiba in Brazil. It is maintaining its fresh environment & Atmosphere which is free from the polluted elements. The Population of Curitiba is estimated near about two million. The People here are very hospitable & loving. They have changed their life styles & now have turned the direction which goes to prosperity & happy life.


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