Top Ten Hollywood Actresses in 2017

Now a day’s life is so fast & everyone looks busy in their lives. In this Scenario entertainment is the only media where everyone relaxes after sparing some time for the recreation. That’s why Cinema culture is increasing day by dayhollywood actressIt provides new ideas & Creativity & is the source of unity with the People. If we talk about the Film Industries, then Hollywood Comes at No.1 in this Scenario where trillions of Dollars spent every year on Films. That’s why the stars (Film actors & actresses) take high amount of money for working in Hollywood. In this regard we have created a list of Top Ten Hollywood actresses 2015. This list has been made as the highest paid actresses of the Hollywood.

1-Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the hot & the sexiest Actress of the Hollywood. She is very popular in all over the World not because of the Acting but also due to the Gorgeous Personality. She is also the richest actress of Hollywood. The notable thing about her is that she is a lovely Human Being. She is a versatile personality because she is a director, Screen Write & of course a stunning actress. She has won many awards in her Career. Academy Award, Screen actor’s Guide award & Golden Globe like awards are the Proof that how versatile she is. She started her career in 1993 with the movie Cyborg 2. This was the low Budget movie but the first beginning really matters. After that she has done amazingly well in her career & now has become the most highly paid actress of Hollywood. The estimated payment of Angelina Jolie is 30 Million Dollars.

hollywood actress

2-Jennifer Lawrence

The young & the Gorgeous Lovely lady Jennifer Lawrence was born in August 15, 1990. She started her Career in 2007 with a TBC Comedy Series & done amazingly well. Due to her outstanding performance in this series she won Young artist award in 2009. The Hunger Games Series is a master artistic movie of Jennifer Lawrence & this movie has given huge amount of Business in the Box Office. This Versatile actress has all the potential to compete everyone in the Media Industry of the World. This demanding actress is being paid near about 29 million Dollars.

jennifer lawrence

3-Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is the leading & highly paid actress in the Hollywood. She is beautiful & the Glamorous Lady. Although she is the senior film actress but she has fitted herself & still she looks amazingly beautiful. She has awarded many titles in her career. Men’s Health Magazine suggests Jennifer Aniston as the Sexiest women all the Times. If we talk about her Filmy Career then she gave lot of blockbuster movies like we’re the Millers in 2013, Horrible Bosses in 2011, Just go with it in 2011 & many more. Her fans really love her & she is the 3rd highest paid actress in Hollywood now. About 28 Million dollars she receives for a movie.

jennifer aniston

4-Kristen Stewart

The lovely round cat eyed, Kristen Stewart was born in 09 April 1990. She has got an innocent look that adds an extra charm in her beauty. In her short but successful career she has done in many movies & entertained her lovers with the quality acting. She has done an immortal & heart touching character as “Bella” in series of movies where people really liked her in this rule. Her remarkable movies are Camp X Ray, On the Road, Snow White & the Huntsman & many mores that shows her talent & the Passion of the Work. Kristen Stewart now a day’s getting estimated 22 million dollars.

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5-Emma Stone

The American Actress & the Model, Emma stone was born in 06 November 1988. She has worked in many movies & has climbed the ladders of success in the very short period of time. She has a sexy look & got glamorous personality that is why she is lived by her lovers. The Spiderman, Easy A, Gangster Squad are some blockbuster movies of Emma Stone & will be remembered by the people for a long period of time. Her career is continuing & she is doing the marvelous work. This highly paid actress is getting not less than 17 million dollars per film.

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6-Charlize Theron

The 38 years Charlize Theron is one of the leading actresses in Hollywood. She is an actress, a Fashion model & the producer. If we talk about the history & the Success of Charlize Theron then it will take lot of time but in short she has achieved all the Fame in the Very small period of time. From the huge list of success, some super hit movies are as Follows: 1-Mighty Joe Young, 2-The Cider House Rules, 3-Monster & North Country. This Loveliest & Glamorous Lady is being paid 16 million dollars in a film.

hollywood actress

7-Sandra Bullock

The American Actress & the Producer Sandra Bullock comes at no-7 in our countdown. She was born in 26 July 1964. In the Mid 90s she was at the peak of the Success where she gave many blockbuster movies to her lovers like “While You Were Sleeping, Motion Picture Musical or comedy, the net, A Time to kill” & many more. In 1995 for the Movie “While you were sleeping” she was nominated for the Best Actress Award. Besides that “Proposal & Practice Magic” are another Super Hit Movies that increased the Popularity & Recognition for Sandra Bullock. She is included in the Leading Actresses of Hollywood as she is getting 14 million dollars per film.

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8-Natalie Portman

32 Years old Natalie Portman is a loveliest & the Stunning Beauty. Her smile is killing her fans. In the mid 90s she worked in lots of films & received all the fame from the viewers. She is also the advocate for the animal rights. There is a huge list of Blockbuster movies which is not possible to mention all those in this article but some like “No strings Attached” was really outstanding movie of Natalie Portman where she made huge amount of lovers & followership. This demanding actress is being paid about 12 million dollars.


9-Mila Kunis

As one of the loveliest & Glamorous Look & quality work, her name is the Introduction of Mila Kunis. She has got lovely innocent face & an attractive look. In 2008 luck started to make her as the demanding actress in Hollywood where he gave many Blockbuster movies. In movies like “Ted, Black Swan & Friends with benefits” are really incomparable. She is earning about 10 million dollars for a movie.

mila kunis

10-Scarlett Johansson

The American Actress, Model & Singer, Scarlett Johansson comes at No-10 in our countdown. She is really a beauty Queen & got sexy Look that’s why she looks so pretty & heart touching. In her Career she was awarded for many times. She started acting from the childhood & climbed the ladders of Success in a very little time. She has worked in some Blockbuster movies like “The Avengers, Under the Skin & Match point” & received lots of appreciation from the viewers. She is now included in the highly paid actresses of Hollywood. She is being paid about 8 million dollars for a film.


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