Top Ten Interesting Facts about the Month December

According to the Julian and Gregorian calendar the twelfth and the last month of the year is December which is normally known as the romantic month full of love and affections. This month is very important among the rest of the months because it brings lots of events and happiness for you every year where New Year Evening and Christmas events are on the top of the list. As far as the facts about December are concerned then there is much more for you in this Special article. The most interesting thing about December is that it starts on the same day every year which is also the staring date of September of the week. Besides that in the Northern Hemisphere it is the very shortest daylight hours of the year whereas it is the longest in the Sothern part of the Hemisphere. Let’s come to know more about the romantic month December. Here in the following is a list of Top Ten Interesting Facts about the Month December.

1-International Hug Day

It is sure that hug is very lovely and romantic act of the humans which definitely helps us to forget all the angers from each other. So December gives you an opportunity to hug your beloved ones internationally. On 4th December an International Hug Day is celebrated every year across the world where the friends, couples, family members and beloveds hug each other. If your beloved one is far away from you then there is no need to worry, just send him or her lovely hug poem or send them E-Hug. By doing this you can also enjoy this day in the absence of your sweetie or the person whom you love much.

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2-Winter Flowers Day

The second most interesting fact about December is the celebration of the Winter Flower day. This day can be celebrated during the whole month of December because feelings don’t need any particular day, you can express your feelings and emotions throughout this month. As being the romantic month it gives you an atmosphere of love and romance. By celebrating the Winter Flowers Day you can actually pays the tribute to the flowers which we produces in our gardens and on lovely places. So make the December more romantic by sending the bouquet of flowers to your sweetie or beloveds.

winter flowers day celebrations

3-Human Rights Day

On 10th December the Human Rights Day is celebrated every year across the world. The basic purpose of celebrating this day is to provide global awareness about the importance of human beings and to teach the people that how to deal with the humanity as humans are the most superior creations of the nature. On 10 December 1948 the General Assembly came into existence so this day also pays tribute to the UN General Assembly and of course to the Declaration of Human Rights Day Globally.

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4-Monkey Day

Another interesting day which is celebrated in December internationally is Monkey Day. On December 14 people celebrate it across the world every year, although it is not an official holiday yet it is celebrated in many countries across the world like Germany, USA and Canada and also in United Kingdom. Basically this day was started in 2000 when Casey Sorrow Jokingly wrote Monkey day on his friend’s calendar, since than this day is celebrated in the world. The persons who for the first time celebrated the day were arts students of the Michigan State University and the Lancing People.

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5-Winter Begins

December is the month when winter season starts and provide classical view to the lovers of nature. You can enjoy winter by doing some fun, let’s take a sleigh riding with your beloveds and do sledding. By doing this in December you will not forget the memories that you will spend with your beloveds.

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6-Forefathers Day

In Plymouth and Massachusetts the Forefathers Day is celebrated on 22 December every year. The day is celebrated on the memory of the Pilgrim Fathers of this part of the world who were landed on 21 December 1620 for the first time. It was decided to celebrate Forefathers Day in 1769 in order to match the day with Gregorian calendar and after that it is celebrated every year regularly.

forefathers day in december

7-Human Light, Humanist Holiday

At number seven there is another fact about the month December which is the Human Light or the Humanist Holiday. The Human Light Holiday is celebrated across the world prior to Christmas every year on 23 December. The purpose of this day is to highlight importance of love with the humanity. In 2001 the network of New Jersey Humanist created this day and after that it is celebrated as the day in the whole world and the people who are humanists celebrate it regularly.

humanist day

8-Christmas Evening

If we talk about the most attractive and major events of December then Christmas Eve comes as the major festival which is celebrated in all over the world on 24th December every year. This beautiful evening gives a classic view to the people who visit it.  This evening is basically celebrated at the birth of Jesus Christ. The big Christmas Evening is celebrated in the Western World on their Christian Churches. Christmas Evening keeps great importance in the lives of the people who belong to Christian religion.

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9-Christmas Day

Christmas Day is another major event of December which is celebrated on the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Billions of people across the world celebrate the Christmas Day where many countries announce civil holiday on this Special day. Besides Christians non Christians also participated on this day in all over the world. The Christmas Day in winters provide more love and happiness and makes the day unforgettable.

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10-New Year Evening

The New Year Evening is celebrated on 31th December which is the last day of the year. This evening is celebrated in order to welcome the new coming year where in most of the countries people celebrate it with more excitement and happiness; they dance, eat foods and drink alcoholic beverages in the social gatherings that are decorated especially to celebrate this evening. The people watch the lovely light fireworks and say the warm welcome to the New Year. The parties continue till mid night with full enjoyment.

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