Top Ten Richest Male Singers in the World

Singing in not an easy job as it demands melodious voice, long term training and of course passion and commitment. There are lots of singers in the world who are richest and have millions of dollars in their bank accounts. This all not happens in just days or months but lots of factors collectively makes all this possible. Here at this moment you must be eager to know about net worth of your favorite singers and we have sufficient data for you regarding this curiosity. Actually top class singers received lots of money from various resources like Sponsors, guest appearance, commercials, appearance in movies and of course by the sale of their music albums worldwide. So without any further delay here we have a list of top ten richest male singers in the world in 2015. These singers are not only famous for their singing but also for their glamorous look and stylish personalities. Let’s have a look.

1-Johnny Mathis ($400 Million)

The lifetime achievement award holder and the owner of 400 million US dollars is none other than Johnny Mathis who is the richest male singer in the world in the present time. Born on 30 September 1935 in Gilmer, Texas (USA) he is an American singer, actor and songwriter. He started his career with singles but very soon became highly popular and most demanding person as an album artist. Till now he has sold more than 350 million music albums worldwide where among them some of his albums achieved golden or platinum status making him as the 3rd biggest selling singer of the 20th century.

richest male singer

2-George Strait ($326 Million)

Known as king of country songs, George Strait is the 2nd richest/highly paid singer in the world who has 326 million US dollars in his bank account. This world’s legendary singer was born on 18 May 1952 in Poteet, Texas (USA) who rose to fame with the releases of his first single “Unwound” in 1981. He has multiple features in his life as he has proved himself as world’s most popular singer and also has the expertise in songwriting, music production and acting. This one of the most selling artist has sold more than hundred million records worldwide till now.

highly paid male singer in the world

3-Toby Keith ($320 Million)

Toby Keith Covel professionally known Toby Keith comes at number three in our rating having the estimated net worth of 320 million US dollars. The 53 years old Toby has multiple characteristics as he is a singer, record producer, songwriter, actor and producer. The American one of the richest/stylish singer Toby Keith was born on 8 July 1961 in Clinton. Oklahoma (USA) who started his music career in 1993 with his first single “Should’ve been a Cowboy” that went to number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Since then he has sold more than 40 million music records worldwide.

world's popular male singer

4-Julio Iglesias ($300 Million)

The Americans are dominating in our list but at number four there comes a Spanish singer who is the owner of 300 million US dollars till now. Born on 23 September 1943 in Madrid (Spain) Julio Iglesias is one of the most selling music artists in the world that has sold more than 200 million music albums worldwide. Besides that, he has released more than 2600 gold & platinum certified records that made him as one of the best selling music artist of all time. The most important point to highlight here is his expertise in many languages as he sang many songs in 14 different languages among 200 million records.

world's richest male singer

5-Aaron Kwok ($275 Million)

The 5th spot in our list has been occupied by a Hong Kong singer who has collected estimated net worth of 275 million US dollars till now. Although he has sung many songs in rock and roll, R&B, Ballad, traditional Chinese music but his most work is based on dance pop genre. This energetic singer who is also an actor is highly influenced by Michael Jackson and has been active in music since 1980s. Besides singing, he is also a car fanatic and has huge collection of world’s expensive cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mercedes etc.

aaron, the highly paid male singer

6-Kenny Rogers ($250 Million)

Born on 21 August 1938 in Houston, Texas (USA), Kenny Rogers is an American singer, actor, songwriter, record producer, author and entrepreneur. Till now he has earned 250 million US dollars by selling hundred million music albums worldwide. Kenny is best known for his services in country songs and is considered as one of the most selling music artists of all time. Besides that, he won many awards throughout his hit career including Grammy awards, CMAs, AMAs and ACMs. He sang songs in country pop, soft rock, adult contemporary and rock genre.

world's highly paid singer

7-Justin Bieber ($200 Million)

There are very few people in the world that made themselves billionaires or millionaires in very early age and the best example of it is Justin Bieber who is the owner of 200 million US dollars till now. He earned this amount of money in just the age of 21 years. The Canadian singer Justin Bieber is the winner of many awards in his career including 2010 & 2012 American Music Awards. All the credit goes to Scooter Braun (Justin’s current manager) who first discovered him through his You Tube videos in 2007.

youngest highly paid singer

8-Robbie William ($200 Million)

The seller of more than 77 million music albums worldwide and 17 BRIT awards, 8 ECHO awards holder Robbie William comes at number eight in our countdown. This English singer also has expertise in other fields like songwriting, acting and record production. Robbie William was born on 13 February 1974 in Stoke on Trent, England (United Kingdom) who started his career since 1990 which is continuing with demand. He sings in pop rock and soft rock genre. His net worth is estimated as 200 million US dollars till now.

world's best male singer

9-Jay Chou ($185 Million)

Having the estimated fortune of 185 million US dollars, Jay Chou is the 9th richest/highly paid male singer in the world. Besides singer, record producer, songwriter, actor, film director and TV personality, he is also multi-instrumentalist too. He has expertise in Violin, Piano, drums, cello, beat boxing, guitar and guzheng playing. The Taiwanese singer was born on 18 January 1979 in Linkou District (Taiwan) and sings in Rock, pop, hip pop, mandopop and R&B genre. Till now he has sold 30 million music albums worldwide and received many awards throughout his active career.

stylish male singer

10-Justin Timberlake ($175 Million)

Having numerous awards throughout his career including 9 Grammy awards and 4 Emmy awards, Justin Timberlake has earned 175 million US dollars till now. The American Super star Justin was born on 31 January 1981 in Memphis, USA who is an actor, songwriter, record producer and businessman including singer. He mostly sings in Pop and R&B genre and can play instruments like guitar, beatboxing and keyboards. Justin Timberlake rose to fame from NSYNC (boy band) in the late 1990s and that band later on became one of the most selling boy bands of all time.

world's highly paid male singer

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