Treatment with natural hormones for menopause

All women have to inevitably go through menopause , a step that ultimately arrives and you must be prepared to face it As we know menopause creates an imbalance hormonal , and this in turn usually causes emotional and physical discomfort. Treatment is where you make with natural hormones play an important role.
Among the many treatments to deal with menopause the count hormone replacement therapies . Usually the decision to administer this treatment is taken by the doctor. 
For years thousands of women like you have used the conventional method of synthetic hormones, however, in recent years a new trend has emerged: the natural hormones for menopause . What do you say if we learn about them?

What are natural hormones?

The natural hormones , as the name implies, are the natural order.They are also called by many bio-identical hormones . Generally they produced from plant – derived and has significant similarity to those produced by our body. What does being identical to conclude that the same effects and follow the same metabolic pathways that your body.
The natural hormones , like synthetic, are also produced industrially with the extenuating circumstance that the former are derived from plants ( plant hormones ) in the market there are many varieties, some endorsed by health organizations and others do not. However, only you can purchase with your doctor order.
In addition, these derived from plants ( plant hormones ) of those who have spoken stimulate the production of estrogen in women naturally within the group includes cereals, vegetables, legumes and red clover, which by its natural conditions can be consumed and support treatment of natural hormones for menopause .

natural hormones vs. conventional hormones

Some studies show that natural hormones represent more benefits for the body by its natural character and reduce the risk of disease such as cancer of breast or other, when compared with the conventional method of synthetic hormones .
However, Mary M. Gallenberg, MD Mayo Clinic has a different position in this regard emphasizing that identical character, is a factor that also have the hormones and synthetic, although there isno evidence that natural are risky, there are not enough studies that indicate that they are more effective.

Treatment with natural hormones for menopause

What are the results of natural hormones?

The natural hormones have clear targets to meet in your body, seek to relieve menopausal symptoms like those frequent hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, insomnia and even mitigate the decline in sexual desire. Significantly , hormonal treatments generally seek to prevent cardiovascular disease , breast cancer, among others.
We have already discussed the issue of natural hormones . Now youjust have to choose the best method to counteract the effects of menopause . Before data that no excess: The soybean is one of the most important sources of natural hormones for menopause. Its use during menopause is truly remarkable in alternative medicine. And you’ve had some experience with natural hormones ?
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