Trend Alert! Wide Leg Pants Inspiration

Wide led pants in becoming popular again, this is which we call fashion a recycle bin…

The wide legged pants is a classical fashion outfit, but it has found it’s way into many fashion shows in 2016. Its has not lost it’s class as it looks stunning on woman when wear them with matching tops. Apart from its uniqueness, the wide leg pant is a great concealer for ladies without perfect legs, This makes it a fashion staple that can work both ways easily transformed from the official chic to the fun night time girl.

Whether high waist of slung low, it’s a must have item for every lady cos it also compliments her silhouette.

If you don’t know how to join the trend of the wide led pant, we’ve got some beautiful inspirations here for you;


Wide Pants

Photo: Fashion Police Ng

Wide Pants

Photo: Memorable Pants

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