Turmeric – aromatic powder that cures depression

Turmeric is a natural remedy that is best known in the countries of the Far East, like China, Indonesia and India. This yellow spice is obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, and is often used for flavoring and coloring in Asian cooking.

Besides providing rich and exotic taste to the food in which is used, turmeric can help for your health in many ways. Specifically, in turmeric you can find curcumin – an ingredient subjected to many researches and which continuously shows that has various positive effects on different diseases.

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It originates from a family of ginger and its flavor can vary, depending on the freshness. While fresh, turmeric has an aromatic and peppery flavor, while dried turmeric has flavor of orange and ginger.

Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties

Because of its intense effect (studies have shown that in some cases has a greater effect than drug therapy), it is best to consume only one teaspoon per day.

  • Has preventive effect on blood clotting – slows down the process;
  • Studies have shown positive effect of turmeric in depression treatment, even in manic depression cases. Research has been conducted on 60 individuals who suffer from different types of depression. The results have showed that turmeric therapy was extremely successful, and the patients didn’t had any side effects;
  • The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is widely recognized. Again, this effect is credited to curcumin and turmeric consumption can prevent the occurrence of diseases such as arthritis, high cholesterol levels and chronic pain that may occur due to prolonged inflammation.


  • Although not yet scientifically proven, the researches so far have showed that curcumin can prevent the occurrence of cancer and slow its growth, and makes chemotherapy more effective by protecting the healthy cells;
  • Osteoarthritis is one of the conditions which can be helped with turmeric. You only need to consume it on a daily basis;
  • Works effectively on a number of other conditions such as headache, itching, joint pain, flatulence and diseases of the digestive system;
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