Upton Facial Brightness – Facial protection

Upton is considered to be one of the most attractive items on the face. It has been used for centuries. There are regular Upton rituals at weddings in which the bride is wearing Upton. Until recently, only brides A month before the wedding, Upton used to massage to enhance her beauty, but now it is recommended to use it to protect her beauty in daily life.

Benefits of Upton
Upton is useful in removing dead cells from the skin. It increases blood circulation by which new cells are formed and refreshes the skin. It creates tension in the skin which does not cause the skin to sag. Jimmy cleans the dust with the skin Removes the layer of ink, especially from the joints of the arms and legs.

With continued use, the hair follicles become weak and begin to fall out slowly.

How to apply Upton
Before applying Upton on dry skin, massage with Upton and then apply Upton. Remember that in winter Upton should be mixed with more oil or greasy ingredients and in summer less. Upton mixture should not be too hard or too thin. Rather, it should be a smooth paste that sticks easily and comes off. Upton is said to be useful to use before taking a bath.

Upton Preparation
There are several types that can be used as needed.
Facial Upton Formula
One tablespoon almond paste, one tablespoon cashew paste, one and a half teaspoon pistachio paste, one tablespoon top, one tablespoon mustard or almond oil, one tablespoon rose liqueur, a quarter cup red Mix lentil paste, mix them all and apply on face and neck. When it is slightly wet, rub it off.
(Grind almonds, cashews, pistachios and lentils to make a paste and mix it with water).
Almond Upton
Almonds are beneficial for all skin types. It makes the skin radiant. Finely grind almonds in lemon juice, then mix egg whites in it and add enough basin to make a smooth paste. Apply on face, arms and neck, wash off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.
Use this Upton two days a week and refresh each time.
To cleanse the skin and reduce facial hair
Mix one cup basin, two tablespoons turmeric in a cup of jasmine bud, mix these ingredients well. Take one tablespoon of this powder and mix a few drops of lemon juice and water in it, use for a few days. It clears the complexion and reduces facial hair.

Get rid of nail pimples
Upton is useful for facial nail acne and pimples. Three teaspoons basin, a quarter teaspoon turmeric, two teaspoons sandalwood powder, one teaspoon semi-powder, two teaspoons crushed cucumber. All these ingredients. Mix and apply on the face for ten to fifteen minutes and massage in a circular motion for a while. It soothes the skin and gradually removes nails, pimples and pimples from the face.
Apply it twice a week.
To soften the skin and remove dead cells
Make a paste by mixing three teaspoons of lentils, one teaspoon of dried fenugreek, one teaspoon of dry malt bark, one teaspoon of semi-powder, all of them with olive oil, almond oil or rose water. Leave it on the face, arms and neck for ten minutes.
This upturn helps to remove dead skin cells and make them soft and supple.
Moisturizing Upton
This moisturizer is useful for moisturizing dry skin. Soak six almond kernels in half a cup of cream overnight and grind them in a chopper machine in the morning. In this paste, add two teaspoons of sesame oil and one teaspoon. Mix basil powder and apply on face for ten minutes and massage in a circular motion.
After a while, wash with cold water.
Medicated Upton
Mix half a cup of basin, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of milk, a teaspoon of coconut or almond oil with water or milk and apply it all over the body. After a minute, take it off by rubbing and take a bath.

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