Video Reminds Us To Pay It Forward

Do you guys love those emotional/inspirational videos you see somewhere every now and then? Well if you do, take a look at this one here:

Source: Sharing Positiveness

This is one of those videos that will melt your heart and that can very easily make someone’s day a lot better in an instance. Kindness is surely one of the most important things in life, it’s what makes us human. It can be expressed in many ways, but each way ends up with a smile or two….

This video wants to send a simple message – Kindness keeps the world afloat. It also perfectly shows us how addicting kindness can be. There is a saying “Kindness always returns with kindness”. Well, maybe it doesn’t always, but it is a truly amazing feeling when it does. Wouldn’t life be so much better if the world we live in looked a bit more like this?

In the end, we must admit we can only dream of this Utopian world as we don’t see any way to change the fast – paced globalized civilization that we created.

Author: baze 2shot

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