Visiting Lagos? You Need To Learn These 8 Yoruba Words To Survive

Lagos in the most populous city in Africa with over 20million people. this makes in a home for people from different tribes in Nigeria

Just like other big cities in the world, the major reason why people come to live or visit Lagos is because it’s the commercial capital of the country and as thus, a lot of business and deals are done in this beautiful city. However, Visitors often find it hard to communicate in the local language. How will you do interact or do business if you can’t communicated in Yoruba?

Here are 8 Yoruba words that will help you if you plan to visit Lagos.


#1. Bawo ni

Bawo ni is the Yoruba word for ‘How are You Doing’.  It literally means ‘how is it’, but it’s usually used to ask how someone is doing and also a form of greeting. The usual response is ‘Mo wa pa’ which means ‘Am doing Fine’.

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#2. E kàárọ̀/E kaasán

E kàárọ̀ is the Yoruba word for ‘Good Morning’ while E kaasán is for ‘Good afternoon’. Throw that in when you’re at the office with the cleaner instead of the regular ‘Good Morning’

Yoruba Words

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