vitiligo disease affecting the attractiveness of the skin

The face is a reflection of the body. The skin of the face is fresh and energetic and if the spots are protected from freckles then the personality is refined. The skin not only protects the human body but also provides beauty. The skin is called the mirror of health. Beautiful skin and face are always attractive. Women pay more attention to this than men and use different creams and lotions to beautify the skin, especially the face.
A lot of money is spent on skin beautification all over the world. Skin maintains body temperature and removes waste products from the body. It is excreted through pores through sweat. Vitamin D is absorbed by the body. It is important because it develops the body.

The sun starts to make vitamin D sooner.
Among the diseases that affect the skin and make it look beautiful, leucoderma is the most notable.

In this disease, white spots appear on the surface of the skin. The patient becomes mentally confused. Many social problems arise which further lead to a feeling of inferiority. If proper treatment and measures are taken in the beginning. When taken, it can be controlled. When white spots on the skin begin to appear, reddish pigments appear around them which whiten a large part of the body due to the passage of time and no proper treatment.

According to ancient traditions, the cause of this disease is drinking milk after eating fish. It is not known what type of fish it is, but modern research has refuted this view. In many far-flung countries, the Philippines, Bangladesh, fish is an important food, and people there use milk after fish, but the disease is not common there.

Medical experts say that the pigment cells in the affected area, which are found in the upper layer of the skin, give up the process of pigmentation, otherwise these cells are normal in all respects in their structure and number. Experts say that people with this disease should also get tested for diabetes and thyroid gland.

These spots can appear on any part of the age and anywhere on the body. Due to the absence of pigment locally, white spots are more likely to burn. Since the presence of pigment in the skin protects from the sun. Therefore, such people should avoid going out in the sun. If going out in the sun is unavoidable, use appropriate covered clothing.
The sun can be harmful to such people.
However, leprosy is a harmless disease, which is not contagious in any way. If such a person is seen anywhere in the society, then he should be accepted as a normal human being. There is absolutely no need to avoid or avoid it, because it It is a common condition that can affect anyone at any age.
The edges of the spots are darker in color, while the spots are white.
Initially the hair color is not affected, but later when these spots become old, the hair color in this area also turns white. In addition, in these people, the hair on the head turns white prematurely. There is a possibility.
In the case of treatment, it can be said that some spots accept the effect of the treatment quickly, while some require some time.
People who have these spots on exposed parts of the body need to be careful with the sun, as such people are more likely to get sunburn because they do not have pigment particles. In addition, the use of colored goggles helps to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun.
According to health experts, the simultaneous use of fish and milk has nothing to do with leprosy.
This is a misconception and is not supported anywhere in medical science. Why go far, people often eat fish at parties and parties and often eat pudding and pudding as a sweet dish, which contains milk Then milk is also used in tea. At home, fish is fried in curd for cooking, which is made from milk.

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