Walnuts: the perfect fruit for brain structure

The importance of nutrients in the family of Dry Mews can not be ignored in some way. This is a full diet in which natural reserves are found in sufficient quantities. The tears of the walnut after the ancient The tree is called. Its early history of 7000 BC is considered to be specific to the royal family of walnut Romans.

The ancient Romans introduced it to many European countries in the fourth century CE Starting in Persian or English Walnut Persia and black walnuts came from North America, the most high and standard is considered in the dark walnut flavor, but its production can not be higher due to its severe shell.

The tree of walnut is calculated in the trees, whose leaves are almost every year, and the new leaves replace them. And its entire world is found in the whole world, which uses black and white walnuts most It is done. The tree’s tree can be high to fifty feet, its outer part of the fruit is especially thick and fiber, while it is a strict solid shell, if it is broken, it is kept in the middle.

The tree of walnuts are often found on the mountains of India and Afghanistan, from December to March, the new leaves seem to be white flowers in the form of new leaves and the fruit in July start till October.
Walnut Omega is the most important source of 3 fatty acids. 691 calories are found in grammar walnuts, Omega fatty acids play an important role in protecting diseases such as inflammation, pain eczema and Chenel.

Arginine named Arginine is very beneficial for the health of the heart. The blood is better during the use of the latest oil and the use of this green oil and because it has a substantial amount of potassium. For heart health also uses walnuts to be useful. Protein 15.2 grams in hundred gram nut, fat 65.2 grams and nutritional fiber 6.7 grams are found.

Apart from walnut protein, many important amino acids also provide the body. If you use vegetables and salads in vegetables and salads, such as the potential diseases of abdominal diseases. So its use ends them.
The dry green of the walnut is called energy treasure. If someone is healing from a long disease, it should be taken away from one or two walnuts daily and the body will get strength and energy.

In the areas where the production of walnuts, people use walnut bark for teeth cleaning. It prevents blood emissions from teeth and rubbing on its bark teeth. And The inflammation of the smell is also far away. People and muscle pain, if they put walnuts in water and bathe with it, they will be surprisingly scared.
If the walnut tree sticks are home in homes. If there is a pet at home, then rubbing her leaves on her skins do not come close to her and mosquitoes etc. It does not use it. Because its abundance can reduce milk.

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