Wanna Know The Most Disgusting Way to Eat Eggs?

If you ever thought you saw all of China’s weird stuff, think again! You’re completely wrong and this video will show you just why:

Source: AppleDailyEnglish

Don’t let the title of this video fools you, the content of it is even worse! The title is not nearly disgusting as the video itself. At the end of it, they will try to convince you that they eat this because of medical reasons. There’s no medical condition it the world that could make me eat eggs boiled in virgins pee. Truth be told, it actually sounds like a Satanistic ritual.

So basically what they do is, they boil the eggs ( in the middle of the street in, as you can see, terrible conditions ) in virgins pee gathered from local schools. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT? Someone in Chine has this in his job description: “Collecting buckets of virgin pee from local schools and kindergartens.” Seriously, China, WTF?

It is sold as a delicious local treat but people there see it as very healthy. I wonder what it tastes like. OR NOT!

Well honestly, I don’t even consider this disturbing anymore as it comes from the people who eat our pets for dinner ( yes, poor doggies and kitties ), a little virgin pee is nothing compared to that.

Let us get back to the subject guys, the locals think of it as a delicious healthy treat. They believe it increases blood circulation and prevents hearth stroke. Yeah right. . Somehow we don’t buy that.

China, China, China, wtf?

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