Want to look younger? Make your own 100% natural face mask

The Walnut core contains oil (55-65%), high-protein (15%), carbohydrates (15%) and is rich with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B and C. This combination of excellent nutrients is an ideal formula for your health, but also for your appearance.

Walnut is rich in antioxidants, miraculous substances in our body which protect our cells from aging, are helping in the tissue reconstruction, preventing illness and are helping our immune system. It contains a “bundle” of nutrients that make the foundation of healthy skin and hair. Besides the aforementioned nutrients, this nut contains vitamin E. Consumed orally, vitamin E improves the quality of our skin and hair.

When applied externally, walnut is excellent for the damaged surface layer of the skin and has preventive care against wrinkles. So below we are presenting a recipe on how to create natural mask that will recover and rejuvenate your skin:

Needed ingredients:

  • one cup of walnuts
  • 200 ml of non-pasteurized milk


Preparation: grind the nuts, then add the non-pasteurized milk to get a dense compact mixture – the mask. Apply it, leave it for 20 minutes and after that wash the face and neck. That’s it.

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