If you want a true love you should stop believing in this toxic lie

loco-por-tiWe tend to believe that we are destined to find a soul mate. And if you can either match or not, all seek, somehow or other, they want us. But we should stop believing that ideal partner to help us meet all our needs , and that even know in advance.

If you want a true love you must leave behind this toxic lie . If you think your partner should be everything for you and you can cover all your needs, you are very far from reality. Your expectations will cause that only close the door to real love.
There are many needs that we all have, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, etc. And it is unrealistic to expect that someone else carry them for us, nor the couple, family, or a friend … even yourself.
Your partner can be a great emotional support for you, have a great sexual chemistry, laugh together … but not why you pretend to do everything for you .What he does for you is more than enough for them to have a true, real and healthy love.
Your partner will never fulfill all the expectations you have and vice versa. If it is able to meet 50% of your needs constant semi, you’re lucky!
Stop expecting him to be completely right for you. Rate everything you do to help you, make you laugh, cheer you up, etc. You will never find someone who makes you feel like you want in all aspects.

Accept it as it is. Enjoy an imperfect relationship full of love, respect and tolerance. Do not you think that’s worth more?

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