Eating Rules for a Fast and Healthy Weight Loss


Eating Rules for a Fast and Healthy Weight Loss. Losing weight is not difficult, but yes it is a tricky thing and today I am sharing a very simple diet plan with you, actually it is not a diet plan.

It is a list of things that you should know and try to lose weight, sometime we know things that are good for us and we still ignore, that is what I want you to leave, do what is good for you and quit what is bad for you and let’s start a new lifestyle with new motivation and game plan.

Fast and Healthy Weight LossFast and Healthy Weight Loss

Here are some basic tips to lose weight naturally.

Healthy Food Rules for Weight LossEat According Tour Wish:– normally the one thing that we hate about dieting  is losing the food we love the most,  but you don’t really have to quit your food to lose weight, you just need to maintain a balance between your calories consumption and burring it, like if you are eating 200 calories a day then burn at least 210, do you understand that, you need to burn whatever you eat and then some more and that will start making your lose weight even if you are eating junk food, so you can eat whatever you want, but it is always best to eat what you want and then burn with full determination.

Weight Loss Food RulesEat Small To Get Smaller Body:-  Normally we follow any diet that seems right and affective, but there is one simple rule to get on diet and that is eat big to become bigger and eat small to get smaller body, don’t eat big food, start reducing the size of your food and get on the right size and the best size of the portion of food is your palm,  you can eat it if it get fit in your palm and that will not make you fat no matter what, and that make you eat smaller but a bit frequent portion of food which is my all time favorite diet plan.

Eat healthy for better weight loss This one seems very obviousEat At Home: – Try to eat at home with your family and it is best if you cook for your family too, eats homemade food and it is better to eat a balanced and healthy diet, use vegetables and keep them uncooked to get minerals and vitamins and use seafood at last three times a week and use something sweet during most of the nights of week and enjoy herbal teas too.

Last but not least, drink lots of water to keep fit and healthy

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