Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work

Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work.We all love to try anything, anyone says help weight loss, no matter how small it is and how miner difference it make, when it comes to weight loss, every little bit helps, normally I don’t like diet and it doesn’t make any sense  too, you know that that low food and low metabolism take phenomena?

So I don’t believe in diet, so there are two things that I cannot do, one is physical activities and second diet, and I still love to lose weight and I actually do lose weight when I try and when I want to how?

I have magical simple tricks which not only help you lose weight, but they are magically natural too, they make my body to lose weight without making me suffer any hardship.

Weird Weight Loss TricksWeird weight loss tricks

Here are some of my all time favorite tricks to lose weight

Having a small breakfast can help you lose weight

Have a Treat For Breakfast : – If you want to lose weight then you need to keep your breakfast the treat of your day, it should to be the biggest meal of the day, no matter what you eat and if you are desperate to lose weight then it is batter to eat something healthy, some whole grain bread, eggs, oats or apple and milk,  those who ate a larger breakfast that also included a sweet treat kept off more weight than those who ate a smaller breakfast with no treat at all, normally I prefer homemade oat meals or whole grain pancakes with maple syrup or honey, do you know that maple syrup actually help  you lose weight faster? Well it does! And when you eat sugary treat in the morning you keep away from sweet craving throughout the day and you actually enjoy batter day too cause you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself from something you love.

Home remedies for weight lossEat Small: – I love the famous saying, you want to look big, you should eat big and if you want to look slime and small, you should eat small, and that is a very affective trick, you should eat small portion of food  and when you eat, cut smallest piece and keep chewing it for one to two minutes and then start making your next bite and keep it smallest as possible, no matter what people think, you will end up with eating even lesser than you should and you will feel 100% batter  and satisfied.

Exercise in the morning for weight lossExercise in the Morning: – Now I am saying that I don’t like workout, but that does not mean that I don’t do it at all, I just go for a 45 minute intense walk twice a day, now the trick is, you should start your day with a walk, and you soul take a bottle of warm water with you with some Apple Cider Vinegar in it and it will accelerate your weight loss and it will keep your energetic too, and then take a walk during afternoon, after your last meal, don’t run during nights or evenings…
Drink Warm Water.

We all know that when we drink a glass of ice-cold water, our body start using the fat to keep the temperature of our body on normal, but if you want to lose weight, then you may want to switch to warm water, no matter what season it is, you should try to 8 glasses of drink warm or hot is even batter during a day, drinking a glass of warm water before a meal helps you feel fuller more quickly, so you may end up eating less food during your meal and it help your body to burn the stubborn fat deposits.

Last and my all time favorite, take 5 cups of hot water with one tablespoon Acv 5 times a day, and add one pinch or half teaspoon cinnamon powder and you will see how magically it will help you lose weight.

Best of luck

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