What are the changes that triggers the sport in your body? Find out

What are the changes that triggers the sport in your body? Find out
” Exercising is good for health”. We are all tired of hearing this truth that has become such a cliché and has lost the strength to motivate us to activate our body .
But as resigned to inaction is not an option, it is essential that we find a new stimulus, which is powerful enough to propel the chair once and for all.
So do you know what may be this stimulus? Knowing the effectsthat physical activity triggers in our body.
Pay attention…

# 1 Lung


When exercising, the body requires more oxygen (almost 15 times more than at rest). For this reason, the breathing rate increases until the muscles around the lungs can not move faster.
Over time, and as a consequence of repeated respiratory rate increase, the maximum amount of oxygen your body rises and becomes healthier. That is: the more fit we stay, the greater will be our volume capacity oxygen and less agitaremos us when we go out to run, for example.

# 2 Diaphragm

Have you felt a stitch in the side of the rib when you start exercising?Some researchers argue that the diaphragm is responsible. Lungs and increase respiratory rate, diaphragm begins to have more movement and for this reason may fatigue and cause this pain.
A little rest and a deep breath in through the exercise relieve affliction. You can also choose to strengthen this muscle located in the gym work to prevent such ailments in the future.

# 3-Hearts

When we get moving, the heart rate increases in order to allow for good oxygenation of our body. If you incorporate sport into your daily life, your heart will be increasingly expert pump blood more effectively. As a result, you can perform increasingly challenging exercises .

Moreover, something other positive possessing physical activity is that favors the growth of new blood vessels and, thus, helps tobalance the blood pressure .

No. 4 Kidneys

The behavior of your kidneys depends a lot on your level of physical exertion. So, after a high – intensity exercise , these bodies are able to filter a larger amount of protein in the urine. Also, they promote the reabsorption of water, in order to stay hydrated by a greater amount of time.
Furthermore, on top of these organs are the adrenals . These are responsible for secreting cortisol, which promotes the conversion of our body stores energy and adrenaline, which is responsible for accelerating the heart rate.

No. 5 Brain

Exercising will not only provide physical benefits, but also mental.Did you know that you can help prevent diseases such as Parkinson‘s ? Not for less! Changes in the brain when you do physical activity regularly stimulate cell function brain and protect them from this disease and Alzheimer’s or related decline over the years.
On the other hand, exercise is also associated with the release of neurotransmitters , among which are the endorphins , related etrechamente welfare. In this sense, these neurotransmitters promote calm, improve mood, reduce pain and blood pressure levels.
The brain also releases serotonin , the “happy hormone” which prevents depression and is related directly with the mood . But not only is responsible for fulfilling these functions, but also promotes bowel movements and sate the appetite.
Now that you know the great impact of exercise on your body, what you expect to start with your favorite physical activity ?
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