What Is Dry Eye? Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The problem of dry eyes is not only found in adults but also in children. Children’s skin and their body parts are very delicate and sensitive, so they are prone to any skin disease. Causes of dry eyes Pollution, prolonged use of contact lenses and, most importantly, hours spent watching TV and working on a computer.

The eyelids blink less when a person is staring at a TV screen or a computer than usual. Usually, repeated blinking of the eyelids scatter the tears in our eyes and spread to the surface of the eyes. And keep the eyes moist. If a doctor prescribes eye drops to a patient with dry eye, apply them regularly, as well as a little after a proper interval while working on the computer or watching TV. It is also important to rest for a while.

Sit at a reasonable distance from the TV or computer. Also, be sure to take an anti-glare for the computer (a screen that reduces the bright rays and light intensity emitted from the computer screen) and use it on the computer screen. At the same time, watching TV should be reduced.

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