What’s a Bit-Flow? It is a fascinating game that can help you earn Bitcoin. Get profits from your businesses, buy new businesses, develop, and increase your level.- Earn money online

What’s a Bit-Flow?
It is a fascinating game that can help you earn Bitcoin. Get profits from your businesses, buy new businesses, develop, and increase your level.
How is Bit-Flow different from other faucets?
On Bit-Flow, you can choose between many different levels. Level 1 is free, but it doesn’t earn you much. Each new level is much more profitable. For example, if you buy Level 5 for 0.04 BTC, you’ll get BTC 0.2808 per month – an ROI of 634%! Note that each level has its lifetime. After it expires, you need to renew or upgrade your level.
What is capacity and earning rate?
Capacity means bank capacity for your current business. If it is filled completely, the revenues will stop coming in until you withdraw all the profit from the bank. When the level is increased, the capacity is increased, too. Earning rate is how much you earn per minute, given that your capacity is not filled completely.
What is life time?
Life Time is the current level duration time. When the time is over, the profits accrual will be stopped.
Life time is over. How do i resume getting revenues?
You can resume the level by paying the full price of opening the level, or increase the level
Do I have to pay to join Level 1?
Level 1 is completely free, and you earn 0.000000035 BTC each minute. No ads to watch, no captchas to fill – free BTC just keeps dripping. Note, though, that the maximum amount of BTC you can accumulate this way is 0.00000028 BTC. After that, you’ll need to withdraw the BTC from your balance.
Why does the game require me to enter Captcha?
Captcha is required only on the first level to prevent cheating. Captcha will be removed starting from the 2-nd level..
Do you have any discounts or incentives for existing members?
Yes. If you have already paid for some level, you’ll get a discount when upgrading to the next level. For example, if you have activated Level 5 for 0.04 BTC, you’ll only have to pay 0.6 BTC (instead of 0.1 BTC) when upgrading to Level 6.
How can Ether-Flow pay such high dividends compared to other faucets?
We redistribute almost all the payments we receive from users who upgrade their level. So if you pay 1 ETH to upgrade to Level 5, about 0.95 ETH is allocated to other members through the faucet.
How can I withdraw my money?
Just click on Withdraw button.
Who administers the withdrawals?
We use 100% automated algorithmic distribution.
How long does it take to withdraw money?
Withdrawal application will be processed within 30 minutes.
How long does it take to refill the account?
Bitcoin is added to your account after getting 3 approve. Usually it takes up to 20 minutes.
What is the minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC, and the minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC.
How much can i earn if, for instance, increase the level for 0.10 BTC?
At best, you can earn 200% in 2 weeks. Investments into this level will pay off in a week. It all depends on the level and your self-control.
Will I have to watch ads?
No. We use a value reallocation system to make sure that you can earn your money without watching ads or filling captchas.
Can I upgrade before the validity period of my current level runs out?
Yes, of course. You’ll need to pay a small surcharge and upgrade whenever you like. You will immediately begin to earn more ether.
How do referrals work?
Click on the Referral Program button at the top of the screen. Copy your unique affiliate link and share it with your social media subscribers, fans, etc. Whenever one of your referrals claims their ether, you’ll get 20% of it.

Bit-Flow Link: https://bit.ly/38O7tLr

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