White Naija Girl Vows to Make Nigerian Fashion Popular in Europe

Meet Emese Afolabi, AKA White Naija Girl as she journeys through the Nigeria fashion world.

White Nigerian Naija Girl stormed the entertainment scene last year when her photo and video of hawking soft drinks on a busy Lagos road went viral. see video below;


Via: White Naija Girl

Emese Afolabi is originally from Hungary, she moved over to UK in 2008 where she met her hubby. She is happily married to a Yoruba man, Gbenga Afolabi. Their union is blessed with two beautiful kids.

In a recent article on her blog, white naija girl expressed her love for Nigerian fashion as lunched her own fashion brand. she wrote;

I love so many things about Nigerian culture but two things that stand out for me, music and fashion. Nigerian music is already a massive export to the west. The fashion, on the other hand, is very happy and colourful most of the time.  The truth is that after visiting Nigeria twice within a few months, I’m totally in love with the fashion and I am loving it. Thanks to my mother in law, I’m a big fashionista when it comes to Nigerian couture. I now own over 20 outfits and numerous head wears. My quest now is to get other beautiful European sisters to start wearing these beautiful outfits. I just finished a fashion shoot with 5 beautiful European ladies wearing my collection. If I can get 5 ladies who have never tried Nigeria outfits on to wear it, I’m sure I can convince thousands more. It’s a big journey, but you know that I, White Naija Girl never shies away from a challenge. Bring it on!


Here are some beautiful Ankara designs from white naija girl’s collections;

white naija girl1

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl3

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl7

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl8

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl2

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl4

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl5

Photo: MagnumN3


white naija girl6


Photo: MagnumN3


White Naija Girl and her model in another striking pose

Photo: MagnumN3


White Naija Girl promoting the African fashion

Photo: MagnumN3


Photography by @MagnumN3
Jewellery by @awhafaco
Styling by @Julialurenzjl
MUA: @sarah_sfxx, @oliviareynoldsmakeup
Models @hotheels90, @nattibohbear, @hinalkaravadra

Find out more about White Naija Girl, Join her on her social media pages and website:


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