Who made the viral video of actress Neelam Munir dancing in her car?

Karachi :Leading actress of the drama industry Neelam Munir has openly explained the details regarding the viral video of dancing in a car. In a recent interview, actress Neelam Munir, referring to a viral video of her dancing in a car a few years ago, said, “As soon as the video was uploaded on social media, I didn’t understand anything for two days.” My memory was gone and I forgot everything.
I didn’t expect this video to react like this on social media. Neelam Munir said in an interview that when I arrived in Lahore a few days after the video went viral and woke up in the morning, I was under so much pressure that I forgot my home address in Karachi. I received about 4,000 WhatsApp messages. After which I was scared that I don’t know what will happen now but thank God everything was fine.

Neelam Munir said that many people thought that this video was made by a make-up artist while most of them were of the opinion that I made this video myself but in fact this video was made by my friends and there is something like this in this video. Except for my payments, I didn’t wear shorts and I didn’t have a boyfriend. He said that maybe this fame was in my destiny that I got it no matter what people think now.
You can also see what he said during the interview: It should be noted that a few years ago, a video of Neelam Munir dancing in her car came to light which went viral on social media. The video was heavily criticized by Neelam Munir. However, at that time, Neelam Munir was silent on the issue.

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