Why do children run away from food – child rearing and misconceptions

Mothers often complain that their baby does not eat and has to be force-fed. The baby is getting weaker day by day. They do not understand what to do to get the baby to eat.
It is often observed that when a mother is feeding her child, it is like a struggle. The child has to be force-fed because the children run away from food or take very little food.
In such cases, parents try to force-feed their children, which can be harmful to their children’s health. When the child is not mentally ready to eat, his digestion does not work properly. Has a negative effect on the health of. Such a situation can be easily dealt with.

Try to make new dishes for the children, ie the children’s food is not the same, the food should be delicious and nutritious, so that the child will get the proportion and amount of nutrition he needs.

If the child is not eating at a time, feed him light snacks full of nutrients from time to time. For example, sandwiches are considered as a favorite snack of children. Through them, children get protein and energy. In addition, milk and milk products are also useful.
Milk contains calcium which not only strengthens teeth and bones but is also essential for overall health. Make nutritious foods and foods a part of baby’s diet. Different ways and tastes can help babies. Keep giving food which also includes iron. Green vegetables, salads, beans etc. should also be included in the diet of children.
Mothers should keep telling their children stories or other interesting things while feeding.
Mothers often do not change the feeding schedule of their young children. They continue to eat porridge throughout the week, so the child gets bored and refuses to eat. Sometimes it happens that mothers lie down and force a spoon into the throat of their child. The baby cries but it does not affect them. In order to make the child crave food, it is necessary for the child to change the diet every third day if not every day.
Changing the diet does not mean giving hard and heavy things instead of soft and easy to digest. If you feed a leg piece of chicken in porridge, the child will eat it with gusto and he will also get plenty of energy in the form of protein.
Similarly, by mixing vegetables and fruits with oatmeal, a child can be given a nutritious diet.
Mothers also have some shortcomings in the lack of interest of young children in food. Some mothers stuff the sweet milk feeder in the baby’s mouth from time to time. According to a study, sugar found in milk and plastic feeders are harmful for children. This does not make the children feel hungry openly and the children start looking weak and sick.
Not feeding light solid food causes anemia in the body of children older than one year. Mothers should start feeding the baby by making soft things as soon as the teeth start to erupt. Get in the habit of feeding the baby from childhood. ۔ As the child gets older, change the diet. For one to one and a half year old children, steal bread, bananas, boiled potatoes, yogurt and put it in the child’s mouth little by little so that he can recognize the taste of different foods.

Many children do not like vegetables or fruits. Some people do not like mangoes, some people eat bananas and look at some vegetables and make a face. Encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables. Learn about vegetables and fruits by yourself. Make a good story and tell it so that they themselves are attracted to these things. Children are innocent. When they hear good stories and know the benefits of these blessings, their heart will be reluctant to eat these things too.
Thus, the habit of eating good food from childhood will not only keep them healthy but they will also avoid many diseases.
Forbid children from eating fried foods and other non-standard unhealthy items that are open in carts or shops. Explain the disadvantages to children so that they themselves stay away from these things. Feed the children meat but try to put more emphasis on vegetables.
Be sure to drink a glass of unsweetened milk at night while sleeping. Teach them to recite Bismillah and wash their hands before eating. It is your duty to take care of the health of the children as well as to train them. And make your children healthy.
In most homes, everyone eats according to their appetite, time and convenience, not everyone eats together, this act also does not allow children to develop a love or passion for food.
When eating together at the dining table or table, all the members of the household are connected to each other, so if the child is eating, then sometimes the parents or siblings and grandparents feed the child somehow with love. Some psychological problems of the child such as stubbornness, irritability, crying unnecessarily, breaking up, etc., are also caused due to lack of food.
If the baby’s food is not nutritious, the baby will cry anxiously, throwing things around.
If the child is unnecessarily stubborn at meal time, find out the reason for your stubbornness instead of scolding you. He may want to eat with you, or he may want to sit on the floor or carpet instead of at the dining table or at the dining table Sit down.

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