Will start working on ‘Munna Bhai 3’ post ‘Bhoomi’

Mumbai ( Newspaper, August 12, 2017) The Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt Bhumi was disturbed for brother-in-law 3, 58-year-old actor, on the occasion of issuing a motorbike trailer. The story of the movie is busy writing. Accordingly, Sanjay Dutt said that he was very troubled by Munna Bhai 3, because the film is more important than Bhumi.

According to actor, Munna Bhai 3 shooting will be started after Bhamii’s completion is completed, but it can not be given date. According to Shansu Baba, director Rao Hariani and writer Ajit Joshi is busy writing the story of Bhai 3. The entire team of the film is waiting for the shooting.
Sanjeet Dutt did not tell who to join the cast cast 3 other cast, but he confirmed that the instructions and productions of the film would be done, who did the first two films.


It is believed that MBBS, who was the first film debut of the series, came in 2003, with Arjsh Virtual, Grease Singh and Bonnani Irani, along with Sanjeet Dutt, the film liked the film, the movie when it was super hit The film was announced to be screened. The other film starring brother of Aries was released in 2006, along with Arshad Warsi in the film, Vidya Balan, Boomani Irani and Di Mirza Mirza included in the second cast of the film. Were there.
In the first series of the two films, Jammu Shirgal, including Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi and Bomman Irani, appeared to be acting, but there was no explanation about the cast of third film. It is being said that Arshad Warsi and Boomman in the third film Actors like Iran will be cast.

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