Women who exercise a lot suffer from nutritional irregularities – exercise

Be smart and tell the secret of your well-proportioned aerobics, yoga and machine exercises.
Seeing them, you will try to be like them, but the results will be less than 50%. The reason is that very thin-looking women suffer badly from dietary irregularities.
As they get older, this irregularity reduces their mental and physical capacity.

According to a research survey conducted at Auburn University Human Performance Laboratory, 40% of women who are lean and exercise regularly suffer from nutritional irregularities, of which 23% suffer from Bulimia and 17% from Anorexia.
The main reason for this situation is to keep their body proportionate and thinner than other women and in this cycle these women adopt the goal of eating less and then as they get older they get a huge price for this passion. It is greasy.

Over time, they develop a number of health concerns and develop bone and joint pain and weakness at an early age.

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