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They are more complex than ever, as different stages and changes in their lives have a profound effect on the gums and teeth. During the days, women’s gums become more sensitive and red, then they develop small blisters in the mouth. , Which causes pain. Most women call it a “mouthwash” complaint.
Similarly, a slight friction during pregnancy causes bleeding from the gums, then at the beginning of menopause, the mouth usually becomes dry and despite regular brushing of teeth, these complaints become annoying. This problem of teeth and gums. Why do they happen? No definite answer has been found yet. It can only be said that since important hormonal changes take place in the body of women during and after pregnancy and also at the beginning and after the onset of menopause. These dental problems are specific to women.

Experts say that due to the increase in the level of female hormones in the body of women, there are harmful effects on the gums.
These dental and gum problems are the same everywhere, but because our women generally do not pay attention to them, they are not discussed in our country. Yes, so the majority of women seek help by informing them of their problems.
As a result, women’s dental health and their problems are being considered in a new way. Many experts believe that more research is needed in this area, but it is still very clear. In addition to days and pregnancies, dental problems are more common in menopause. In this regard, it has also been observed that women who take contraceptive pills also suffer from dental problems.
Despite these important hormonal changes, women can overcome these problems with a little effort and attention.

It is also helpful to lightly massage with salt or baking soda or a warm decoction of neem leaves. This way the gums are protected from germs. If care is not taken in days, this swelling can lead to sore gums and cause permanent pain.
In this case, instead of avoiding the usual practice, you must consult a doctor. Complaints of mouth sores, also called fever, are very painful. Blisters formed inside the mouth are actually the result of a virus. They are more effective in the days of the day. They can also be treated, the decoction of neem itself may be enough. For this ailment, this powder is also very useful. Finely grind dried flowers (red rose), white kath 10-10 grams and camphor 5 grams, keep them in a bottle and keep sprinkling a small amount of saffron in the mouth 4-3 times a day.
If the problem persists, consult a physician.

During pregnancy
Teeth and gums are most affected during this period, especially women who already have this complaint are more prone to dental and gum complaints. Are careless, more anxious during pregnancy.
This is the reason why after pregnancy, especially women who eat betel leaves, their teeth become very weak. According to experts, these complaints are mild in 60 to 75% of women during pregnancy. To avoid them, it is also necessary to And more attention should be paid to keeping the teeth clean. In addition, good food should be eaten. This means a food which is rich in calcium and vitamins, especially vitamin C.
This vitamin protects the gums more than the germs. Carefully brush your teeth after eating and rinse well with lukewarm water. Dental problems may require an X-ray, but should be avoided as much as possible, as these rays can be harmful to the unborn baby.
Also, be careful with antibiotics, which can be very harmful to the unborn child. Even sensible physicians themselves are careful in this regard.

Birth control pills
Most of the women who take these medicines can suffer from gum problems. Their external treatment is the only suitable one, i.e. cleaning the teeth and rinsing the buds with antiseptic drugs.
In case of severe discomfort, antiviral drugs are useful, but not all of them are safe. The precautionary requirement is that the physician himself discovers that the patient is not taking these pills, but the patient himself. He should also tell the doctor, so that he can think carefully and prescribe medicine.

Dry right
Dry mouth can also be a result of birth control pills.
By the way, pregnant women also suffer from it. Dry mouth is very harmful for the health of teeth and gums, because saliva washes away the mouth, but it also kills germs. The saliva, ie the gums from the bottom of the saliva, keep the gums soft, not sticky. An easy solution to this problem is to drink water at short intervals, especially during conversation.
In addition to good cleaning of teeth, put clove cardamom or fennel in the mouth. They stimulate the salivary glands. In addition to coffee and tobacco, avoid eating too much salty, salty and sour foods. It is not necessarily appropriate to extract teeth, as they reduce the ability of blood to clot, which prevents the wound from healing quickly, so it is more appropriate to extract teeth when these medicines are not being taken during the day.

In the sun
The above mentioned ailments may also occur in the year of Yass, ie when the coming of the days is coming to an end. The gums become swollen and the mouth becomes dry. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
Like other symptoms, they are an integral part of life, which can be treated according to their symptoms. Their weakness can also affect teeth. Bone-strengthening foods should be eaten more, ie foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. If necessary, calcium tablets can be taken with the advice of a doctor.

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