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World’s 10 Most Beautiful Languages

Just like any person or every sunset, each and every language has its own beauty. Below are the world’s 10 Most beautiful languages.

1. English

Most Beautiful Languages

English is a remarkable language and has a unique history among the major languages in the world. In the time of the 1st millennium, it was evolving as a Germanic language. During Normans’ invasion, their language affected Old English. After 1000 years, English has become the widest lingua franca globally, which people of different cultures all over were able to communicate in their native, widely studied, or a newly learned language.

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2. Arabic

Most Beautiful Languages

Its alphabet and extraordinary calligraphy may be the most beautiful feature in the Arabic language. As a ceremonial language for Islam, Arabic writing has been eminently venerated form of religious art. It has also an impressive structure of poetry, which brings its aural beauty of the Arabic language to a display. Its sound may be unknown to those who are unknowledgeable, but giving a chance to it will definitely amaze you.

3. Italian

Most Beautiful Languages

This is the language which was spoken by Pavarotti, Dante, and da Vinci. The Italian language has been the foremost used language in the art’s world, opera, and romance. Even in its spoken version, this language sounds just like in a song for those speakers who are non-natives. The Italian language sounds so passionate and romantic.

4. Chinese

Most Beautiful Languages

Chinese dialect has various kinds. However, the majority has identical written characters. There are thousands of characters that a Chinese speaker should learn because each character corresponds to a word compared to writing and reading alphabet which comprises of about 25-45 symbols only. Besides, Chinese characters are closely tied to its culture and it is passed down from generation to generation. Its history, difficulty and intricacy make them really exquisite. The Chinese calligraphy was valued as a form of art ever since.

5. Czech

Most Beautiful Languages

There’s an extraordinary thing about this language. Czech, a branch of Slavic language, has completely one unique sound, the ř, an ‘rzh’ sound in part of Antonin Dvořak’s last name, which makes this language interesting. Maybe, since its geographical position is between East and West which can be called Central Europe, in some way it sounds less of Slavic and like of the other, mainly Germanic languages which encompass it.

6. Wolof

In the coast of West Africa, countries like Gambia, Mauritania, and Senegal speak Wolof as their native language. It becomes a common language or lingua franca on the region which also in time develops a considerable body in poetry and in song. During the 1960s, the Garay alphabetwas formed by a Senegalese artist which is used by some people until now. You’ll have a joyful experience listening to a song or language being spoken, or even great when combined. It also turns out better in rap.

7. Finnish

Most Beautiful Languages

J.R.R. Tolkien’s inspiration in creating Quenya or the High Elvish is the Finnish, member of Finno-Ugric, group of Nordic language. Hearing both of it leaves you without a doubt of its connection. The sound of it is nothing like the others in Europe except for the Estonian and extremely distant one, the Hungarian. It has lovely intonation and nice staccato quality that turns well into poetry and music which it also sounds unusually good in reggae form.

8. Cherokee

Most Beautiful Languages

This language is native to the Cherokee community and they are indigenous of North America, South-Eastern part. The Literature of Cherokee-language was published in considerable amount probably because they have their own system of writing since mid of 19th century. A syllabary was developed by Sequoyah to illustrate it in writing, which means that every symbol has a corresponding full syllable. Way back then, Cherokee faced extinction, however, thanks to these young Cherokees who took interest to learn this beautiful language as well as keeping it viable.

9. Welsh

Most Beautiful Languages

This language has shown an overwhelming strength in contrast to the unstoppable flow of English, even if it’s natively spoken in an island where English develops from. For the past several decades, it underwent a process of revitalization that may be able to act like being the model for minority languages that are endangered all around the world. Wales now is a bilingual society, officially.

10. Bengali

Most Beautiful Languages

Bengali is among the beautifully spoken languages in the Indian subcontinent, with a gorgeous system of writing and has flowing sound. This was used by Rabindranath Tagore in creating his art. He is among the greatest poets in the world. There was also an outcry when people were forced to use Urdu in their studies all throughout their lives. There were some students who died fighting for their right to make use of Bengali. Until now, Bengali is still a spoken language by 230 million citizens in Bangladesh and India.

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