World’s 5 Biggest Fast Food Chains

One particular matter that comes to mind when traveling is where you can find that favorite food of yours. Thankfully, services of different fast foods are available all over the world like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Mc Donald, and Starbucks. Below are the world’s 10 largest fast food chains.

5. Burger King

This international hamburger chain has over 13,000 restaurants across 79 countries worldwide and the third of the largest hamburger chain service within the US. Over 1 million consumers visit the burger store every day worldwide. The Whopper sandwich was introduced in the year 1957, and it is Burger King’s signature product. The sales of the burger king Whopper sandwich has over 1.9 million every day all over the world.

4. Subway

Operating in over 107 countries, the Subway has a total of 42,174 restaurants. The subway sandwiches have 38 million options for their customers. They provide 7.6 million subway sandwiches every day. The number of sandwiches that they produce in a year is enough to enclose the earth 14 times!

Subway’s signature product is the Submarine sandwich. However, their products vary in compliance within the location. Other Subway popular products are the chicken teriyaki, roasted chicken, subway melt, subway club, and tuna.

3. Pizza Hut

The largest pizza delivery service worldwide is Pizza Hut. With over 6,000 restaurants in the US alone and another 5,139 stores in 93 countries. It was initiated by Frank and Dan Caney in 1958 in the city of Kansas.

Pizza Hut was the first ever to deliver a pizza to the international space station (launched on the Soyuz spacecraft). Throughout the year, they used 300 million lbs of cheese that derives from processing 360 million gals of milk.

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken

This company is the world’s second-largest restaurant established in 1930 at Kentucky by Colonel Harland Sanders, and his image was used as their logo, and in advertising KFC. Today, they have 18,875 stores in over 118 countries. Approximately 8 million consumers patronize KFC every day, and that’s in the US only.

The recipe is still unknown because it is kept in safe at Louisville in the State of Kentucky. They discard unsold chicken within 90 minutes to ensure its freshness. KFC‘s main menu products include popcorn chicken, different finger foods, and chicken burgers.

1. McDonald’s Fast Food Company

This is the world’s largest fast-food chain which has 35,000 stores in over 119 countries. Approximately 68 million consumers visit McDonald’s every single day, which is over Great Britain’s population.

McDonald’s signature product is its hamburger, which sells 75 pieces every second. Other main products are french fries, desserts, soft drinks, and chicken sandwiches.

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