The 3 worst methods for weight loss

There are various methods for weight loss. Most are healthy, while some of them are not. Below you will find a list of the 3 worst methods for weight loss with a detailed explanation why you should avoid them.

#1 Starvation

Starvation or posting is widely used for weight loss because it gives a quick result. Because you enter little or no calories, weight is lost, and the body feeds on itself.

Nutrients are taken from the muscle, which is totally undesirable process of weight loss and does not solve the problem of body fat. On the contrary, you lose the bulk of muscle mass. People who have lost weight this way look exhausted and gaunt.

Muscle mass, or muscles are the engine that drives the body and who should burn fat. When your body loses muscle mass, you are also losing the ability to burn fat. As a result, as soon as you begin to eat again, energy from the food will be stored in the fatty tissue instead of muscle burns.

The more you starve, the more you lose muscle mass, and after returning to the regular diet you will be fatter. Besides, with starvation you loose important minerals, and even though you will be obese, you will be badly fed. This turn of events is known as the yo-yo effect.

#2 Pills for weight loss

Drugs for weight loss should not be used on their own and they should be approached with extreme caution. Most of dietetic drugs have effect on the hypothalamus, thus the brain. The pills reduce hunger and increase the feeling of satiation. Many of these drugs have not been tested and may have dangerous side effects.

The pills remain popular because they are considered by many as the magic solution. Because of the very serious conditions they may cause, it is best to avoid them. Drugs are not a solution!


#3 Minimum calorie diets

Minimum calorie diets are the ones with which you enter in your organism less than 800 kcal per day. Such aggressive diets are suitable only for extremely obese patients. These diets must be implemented exclusively with professional medical supervision.

The long term effects of these diets have been disappointing so far. Failure of these kinds of diets is because the patient need to change his or her lifestyle, and most of them are not ready for this. Once again, this diets are only intended for extremely obese patients and with expert supervision in all aspects of the weight loss process.

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