You are sleeping more than others; know the reasons

Sometimes we feel very tired and sleepy and no quantity of caffeine appears to be doing the trick.

Whilst we may blame our inactive way of life, complementary work, home and societal life, possibilities are that frequently snoozing for 10 hours or more could be an indication of something grave as compared to a tiring week.

Sleep guru Dr Nerina Ramlakhan revealed a few reasons why one may require extra sleep.

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Sleep problems:

If you are going through some sleep disorder then you will feel tired normally. The main cause for it could be sleeplessness. The warning signs of insomnia contain problem in dozing off, lying awake for a long time at night, waking up a number of times during night time and not feeling revived after getting up.

As per sleep guru, the two main categories of sleep troubles people experience comprise getting enough sleep and staying asleep.

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Dr Ramlakhan tells five non-negotiables to perk up sleep worth. They comprise having breakfast in 30 minutes of getting up, cutting down coffee ingestion, intake of more water, lying on bed earlier 3-4 nights a week and turn off handsets and other gadgets before bed.

Mental health:

Sleeping for extended periods can be a sign of depression. However, research also suggests that sleep disorders can cause depression, particularly insomnia.

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If a person has a mental problem he or she is expected to experience sleep troubles.

Nervousness can also lead to troubles with sleep, leaving a human being more worn-out than normal.

Medical states:

Just like mental fitness, physical wellbeing can also have an effect on how well one slumbers. Restlessness can originate from something as uncomplicated as a backache or muscle pains.

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If you have anaemia, pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, circumstances that have an effect on your hormones including Addison’s illness or have an underactive or overactive thyroid the person may also discover himself or herself under pressure to sleep, or just battling exhaustion.

Hormonal transformation:

Variations of oestrogen and progesterone during the course of a female’s lifetime can lead to disturbance to her sleeping routine. Menopause can have an effect on sleep too as well as pregnancy.

Lacking in sleep:

Not sleeping sufficient causes havoc on your physical condition, hit a person bodily, psychologically and mentally.

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