You do not have boyfriend? These could be the reasons …

Reasons why you are not in relationships

We all go through the stage of singleness , for some it is something incredible, liberating and fun while others can not wait to find a new relationship.

There are women who spend time at the stage of bachelorhood, they are fun, interesting, attractive but can not find a mate. Do you identify? If so, look at what might be the reasons.

#You do not want a relationship

Often it happens that while we complain about being single, really do not want a boyfriend , either because we are not ready to open up to someone new or because they prefer to enjoy our life without compromise. And often we do not allow us to enjoy or feel that choice is not supposed to be what we want and that’s a big mistake.

While you happy no matter what choice you make. Be honest with yourself anddo not seek to change something if you enjoy the most.

#You are desperate for a relationship

The despair is real and reveals your attitudes, men feel it and the pressure keeps you relaxed and can meet someone and see how it goes. Make the most pressure to appointments , discover new people, relax and enjoy life.
You must start a relationship if you’ve met someone who makes you feel worthwhile, otherwise it makes no sense. Leave aside the despair and soon find someone.

#Do not leave your house

Many we have done, we try to find the man of our dreams but we discard each plan and we were at home. Of course the time with yourself is great, but to meet someone need to go out into the world.
Open your mind, make new plans, meet other people and discover new opportunities. Whatever you appreciate!

#Just you go to bowling alleys

While many people are known in bowling alleys, the reality is that not always find an quality relationship then you have something casual.
While you should not stop going to clubs, you should think of other places to meet new people. From the gym, to a new hobby, everything is a possibility.

#What are you waiting

You should not wait for the day you have a boyfriend to live your life, will come, but while enjoying time with friends, new hobbies, to focus on work or to explore the city.
Do not waste your time waiting for something to happen , enjoy your life and you’ll soon come and the best.
It is not always easy to be single , but you fail to see this stage as something negative . Enjoy every moment of life is too short to wait for a guy appears.
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