You Might Not Know These Facts About The Human Body

The human body comprises lots of organs and tissues, each working towards the proper functioning of the entire body. The Human body is like a mechanical device, a walking chemistry and also and a dynamic biological entity. Just like a device, the body wears as we age. All these changes takes place in our body day by day, though will don’t see them till it shows on the outside.

Below are 7 amazing facts about the human body that you might not know;

1. Seven miles of blood vessels are added for every pound of fat gained.

Blood vessels act as the channels through which blood reaches the organs in the body. Therefore, each time a pound of fat is gained, seven miles of blood vessels are added. This makes the heart works faster in order to accommodate the increased work.

2. Muscle is more efficient in burning calories than fat.

Do you want to burn some calories? Build more muscle. It is this efficiency of muscle in burning calories that makes muscle building the ultimate goal of those working out. Building more muscle burns more fat and makes one look more healthier and fit.

3. Your height in the morning is more than that in the evening.

Due to the excess fluid in between the spinal discs, you are always about one half inch taller when you wake in the morning. As a result of the stress experienced during the day, the discs become compressed while the fluids seep out leading slight loss in height.

4. The body produces heat that is enough to boil a half-gallon of water within 30 minutes.

The human body obeys the law of thermodynamics. It produces heat from all the activities the body is involved in. That’s why you sweat more when you work out because your body in going through much activities which generates more heat.

5. The brain stops growing at the age of eighteen.

From the age of 18 upwards, the brain starts losing more than 1000 brain cells daily. The brain works every time without resting (even while asleep). It works overtime to empower itself for normal functioning during the daytime.

6. There are more than 600 skeletal muscles and 206 bones in the body.

At birth, the infant skeleton contains 350 bones while it becomes 206 bones at adulthood. This is because some of the bones fuse together to give the 206 adult figure…. Awesome!

7. The skin is an organ.

Approximately 12% of the human weight is skin. The skin replaces more than 45,000 cells within few seconds. It grows new skin and sheds old skin.

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