You Need To See These 22 Worst Tattoos Ever

A common saying goes something like this, “Nothing lasts forever.”  Well that may be true, but when it comes to a tattoo, they sure as hell do last forever or at least your lifetime.  So, before you decide to put something utterly stupid on your body, make sure its something you can live with for the rest of your life.

Oh and one more thing.  Make sure the tattoo artist is someone who can do the job.  You may think you’re getting some great deal in the basement of your buddies house, but don’t start crying when it looks like complete garbage. 

Worst Tattoos 9 Worst Tattoos 8 Worst Tattoos 7 Worst Tattoos 6 Worst Tattoos 5 Worst Tattoos 4 Worst Tattoos 2 Worst Tattoos 1 Funny Tattoo 8 Funny Tattoo 5 Funny Tattoo 4 Funny Tattoo 3 Funny Tattoo 2 Funny Tattoo 1 Bad Tattoo 10 Bad Tattoo 9 Bad Tattoo 8 Bad Tattoo 7 Bad Tattoo 6 Bad Tattoo 5 Bad Tattoo 2 Bad Tattoo 1

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