Your Favorite Snack Has Healing Powers: Learn More About The Health benefits!

American scientists from the Vanderbilt University discovered that the consumption of only 30 grams of peanuts can decrease the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases for 23%-28%, and risk of death from other diseases for 17%-21%.

The research lasted for a couple of years and was focused on the nutrition of around 70000 Americans and 130000 Chinese.

Being rich in proteins, vitamins, oligo-elements, fibers, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids, peanuts are nutritive and healing. Additionally, this amazing snack is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphor, and what’s more, it is cholesterol -free. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin B and it has calming effect on the nervous system which makes it a great anti stress food. Additionally, peanuts improve the memory, the attention, and the hearing, while they alleviate long-term dry coughing. The vitamin E in peanuts stimulates the reproductive glands and betters potency.

According to researchers of the Linkoping University in Sweden, the amino acid arginine in peanuts destroys the causers of tuberculosis, thus encouraging faster recuperation. They came to this discovery after treating 120 affected patients with a daily dosage of 30 grams of peanuts. Hence, arginine has a key role in the creation of nitric oxide that protects the organism from tuberculosis. Moderate intake of unsalted peanuts regulates the glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels in the blood of diabetics (type 2).

Important to know:

If you are allergic to peanuts, regardless of its healing properties, you must avoid consuming them!  

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